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Starfool.com Does Not Use or Support Pop-Up Ads, Pop-Under Ads, Spyware, Hidden Ad-Supported Downloads or similar intrusive advertising programs.

Since it's inception in 1999, Starfool has consistently put our users' interests ahead of revenue opportunities that we believe adversely affect user experience on Starfool or on the Internet.

To this end, we have ensured that you won't find pop-up ads or pop-under ads served by us on our site. In fact we have never served any type of pop-up or pop-under advertising on our site. You also won't see us offering services that install hidden, ad-supported programs on your computer or support them by advertising Starfool through such services.

A site like Starfool that attracts active shoppers could make substantial money by engaging in these practices, but we have consciously and consistently refused all such advertising in favor of a better user experience. We simply value our users, and we believe you should not be subjected to such activities. We have also rejected any advertising of Starfool using pop-up ad services or on spyware programs, regardless of the prospect of routing substantial (and sometimes unsuspecting) users from other sites to inflate the traffic to our site. We find pop-up ads to be disruptive and downright annoying. We don't like them when we are using the Web, and we won't subject you to them on our site.

One way to reduce the amount of pop-ups you see is to download a program like the Google toolbar or one of the many free tools found on download.com. If you're still seeing pop-up ads (especially if they occur during your visit to Starfool.com), your computer likely has a program installed that is serving pop-ups or a spyware program that is monitoring the content you select so you can be redirected.

If you want to check your computer for spyware, a couple of programs you may want to check out are Ad Aware and Spybot - Search & Destroy which are free to download-just click on the links we provided to download.com. (We have no relationship with the company or people who produce the software, and we disclaim any and all warranties with respect to the software.)

The Web was envisioned to be a user driven community. It has scaled beyond anyone's wildest dreams and literally changed the world. We will continue to do our part to make the Web experience honest and enjoyable and ask you to support those sites and companies that continue to be forthright in their services.

Our fiercely loyal audience has told us time and time again that they value the clean, fast, uncluttered, and honest approach that drives Starfool.com. Our pledge is to continue to do right by our community of users.

We want to hear what you think about pop-up ads and spyware and Starfool's stance against them.
Email us at wm at starfool dot com.


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