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Naomi Watts

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Birthdate:  September 28, 1968
Birthplace:  Shoreham, England
Occupations:  Actor, Model
Quote:  "I get offered some things without auditioning today, but back then they wouldn't even fax me the pages. I had to drive for hours into the Valley to pick up three bits of paper for some horrendous piece of shit, then go back the next day and line up for two hours to meet the casting director who would barely give me eye contact. It was humiliating." -- Interview magazine, November 2001
Claim to Fame:  Breakthrough performance in David Lynch's enigmatic Mullholland Drive (2001)

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Naomi Watts
Naomi is taking the hand of some random guy. She's got heels on and apparently, she's in her undies. Her hair is back. This must be art, or something. Real art is here

Naomi Watts News:

Naomi Watts on the cutting edge.

It seems to be the trend these days to wear ugly clothes. Just look at the Olsen twins. The uglier the item is the cooler it is to be seen wearing it. Take this Army green hunting shirt. That is soo edgy! And pairing it with a designer bag is a must.

At least when she's nude she isn't wearing a smock.



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Naomi Watts had already been a working actress for over a decade when she earned notice as a promising newcomer in David Lynch's Cannes Film Festival prizewinner Mulholland Drive (2001).

Born in Britain and raised in Australia, Watts began acting in her teens, landing her first film role in For Love Alone (1986). Watts subsequently appeared with future Hollywood headliners Nicole Kidman and Thandie Newton in John Duigan's disarming teen romance Flirting (1991). Watts's next film with Duigan, Wide Sargasso Sea (1992), was not so well received. After her first taste of Hollywood with Joe Dante's schlock movie homage Matinee (1992), Watts nabbed a starring role as Jimmy Smits's disturbed student in George Miller's little seen courtroom drama Gross Misconduct (1993). Watts then starred as Jet Girl to Lori Petty's Tank Girl (1995), but the science fiction fantasy suffered an ignominious box office fate. After a series of TV movies and thrillers, including Sleepwalkers (1997) and Children of the Corn IV (1996), Watts appeared in Marshall Herskovitz's high-toned Venetian courtesan costumer Dangerous Beauty (1998) and successful TV docudrama The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer (1999).

Watts's breakthrough finally arrived when David Lynch cast her in his ABC pilot Mulholland Drive. Though ABC canceled the project in 1999 after Lynch turned in a typically mood-drenched work, StudioCanal financed its transformation into a feature that debuted to acclaim at Cannes in 2001. A tortured-comic Los Angeles dreamscape akin to Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive featured Watts as the blonde half of a female duo caught in a mystery of shifting identities. Drawing attention for her not-for-network TV love scene with co-star Laura Harring, Watts also earned praise as a rising "new" actress.



Naomi Watts Nude:

22.56 MB 1:31
A great lesbian scene of Naomi Watts straddling Laura Harring on the couch with both of them topless as they kiss and Naomi begins to finger Laura. Hi-res DVD capture from Mulholland Dr..

14.92 MB 1:00
Naomi Watts on the couch wearing a see-through top as the camera pans down to reveal that her jeans are open and she has a hand inside her panties, masturbating. Hi-res DVD capture from Mulholland Dr..

8.33 MB 0:33
Mulholland Dr. star Naomi Watts in a black bra and panties as she puts on a tight white shirt on over while getting dressed. Hi-res DVD capture from The Ring.

4.75 MB 0:18
Naomi Watts splashing about at the bottom of a well, wearing a sweater that clings to her breasts and shows some pokey nipples. Hi-res DVD capture from The Ring.

MB 1:21
The Ring star Naomi Watts showing us her incredible nipples and bare breasts as a guy squeezes and sucks on them while going down on her before she gets on top of him and they have sex. Hi-res DVD capture from 21 Grams.

MB 0:15
Naomi Watts seen sleeping topless in bed, her left breasts visible between her arm as she sleeps on her side. Hi-res DVD capture from 21 Grams.

3.29 MB 0:12
Naomi Watts sitting at the foot of a bed topless, her nice breasts seen before she puts on a pink shirt. Hi-res DVD capture from 21 Grams.

2.41 MB 0:13
Naomi Watts pulling down a sheet to reveal her breasts and then rubbing her chest from Gross Misconduct.

5.29 MB 0:29
Naomi Watts showering fully nude behind a see-through curtain from Gross Misconduct.

6.74 MB 0:37
Naomi Watts standing up and opening her shirt to reveal her breasts and then turning around to face a guy and letting her shirt fall to the side while in the shadows from Gross Misconduct.

10.49 MB 0:58
Naomi Watts of Mulholland Dr fame having a guy toy with her panties before riding him and then getting underneath him before cradling him in her arms to finish from Gross Misconduct.

9.95 MB 0:58
Naomi Watts of The Ring fame briefly showing her breasts a few times as she has sex with a guy on a bed from The Outsider.

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