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Lisa Edelstein

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Full Name: Lisa Edelstein

Birth Date: 21 May 1967

Birth Place: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Height: 5' 6 "

Occupation: Actress

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Her latest and current role is that of hospital administrator Dr. Lisa Cuddy, in the hit medical drama "House".

Filmography at IMDB
"House M.D." .... Dr. Lisa Cuddy
... aka House (USA: short title)
- Lines in the Sand (2006) TV Episode .... Dr. Lisa Cuddy
- Informed Consent (2006) TV Episode .... Dr. Lisa Cuddy
- Cane and Able (2006) TV Episode .... Dr. Lisa Cuddy
- Meaning (2006) TV Episode .... Dr. Lisa Cuddy
- No Reason (2006) TV Episode .... Dr. Lisa Cuddy
(45 more)
Grilled (2006) (V) .... Carolyn
Mrs. Harris (2005) (TV) .... Forensic Psychologist
Say Uncle (2005) .... Sarah Faber
"Justice League"
... aka JL (USA: promotional abbreviation)
... aka Justice League Unlimited (USA: new title)
- Clash (2005) TV Episode (voice) .... Mercy Graves
- Tabula Rasa: Part 1 (2003) TV Episode (voice) .... Mercy Graves
- Tabula Rasa: Part 2 (2003) TV Episode (voice) .... Mercy Graves
Fathers and Sons (2005) (TV) .... Irene
"Judging Amy"
- The Quick and the Dead (2004) TV Episode .... Sylvia Danforth
"Without a Trace"
... aka W.A.T (USA: short title)
- Moving On (2003) TV Episode .... Dr. Lianna Sardo
"The Practice"
- Rape Shield (2003) TV Episode .... Diane Ward
- The Lonely People (2003) TV Episode .... Diane Ward
"Miss Match"
- Forgive and Forget (????) TV Episode .... Karen
A Date with Darkness: The Trial and Capture of Andrew Luster (2003) (TV) .... Maeve Fox
"Watching Ellie"
- Buskers (2003) TV Episode .... Zoe
Daddy Day Care (2003) .... Crispin's Mom
"Presidio Med"
- With Grace (2003) TV Episode .... Janine Rothman
Obsessed (2002) (TV) .... Charlotte
- Ben Don't Leave (2002) TV Episode .... Lauren
- Raising Arizona (2002) TV Episode .... Lauren
- Future Shock (2002) TV Episode .... Lauren
- Moving On (2001) TV Episode .... Lauren
- The Last Thanksgiving (2001) TV Episode .... Lauren
(1 more)
"Leap of Faith" (2002) TV Series .... Patty
"Going to California"
- Fodder Figures (2001) TV Episode .... Dana
Black River (2001) (TV) .... Laura
... aka Dean Koontz's Black River
"Family Law"
- Soul Custody (2001) TV Episode .... Dr. Rachel Thompkins
"Ally McBeal"
- Hats Off to Larry (2001) TV Episode .... Cindy McCauliff
- Love on Holiday (2000) TV Episode .... Cindy McCauliff
- Without a Net (2000) TV Episode .... Cindy McCauliff
- Two's a Crowd (2000) TV Episode .... Cindy McCauliff
- Girls' Night Out (2000) TV Episode .... Cindy McCauliff
What Women Want (2000) .... Dina
"Grosse Pointe"
- Satisfaction (2000) TV Episode .... Shawn Shapiro
"The West Wing"
- Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics (2000) TV Episode .... Laurie
- In Excelsis Deo (1999) TV Episode .... Laurie
- The State Dinner (1999) TV Episode .... Laurie
- Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc (1999) TV Episode .... Laurie
- Pilot (1999) TV Episode .... Laurie
Keeping the Faith (2000) .... Ali Decker
- Jack (2000) TV Episode .... Leila
30 Days (1999) .... Danielle
"Sports Night"
- Eli's Coming (1999) TV Episode .... Bobbi Bernstein
- Small Town (1999) TV Episode .... Bobbi Bernstein
"L.A. Doctors"
... aka L.A. Docs (USA: promotional title)
- Baby, It's Cold Outside (1999) TV Episode .... Donna Basher
"Conrad Bloom"
- The Spazz Singer (1998) TV Episode .... Nikki Fanaro
Susan's Plan (1998) .... Penny Myers
... aka Dying to Get Rich (USA: video title)
I'm Losing You (1998) .... Diantha's Patient
L.A. Without a Map (1998) .... Sandra
... aka I Love L.A. (France)
... aka Los Angeles Without a Map
Indiscreet (1998) (TV) .... Beth Sussman
The Batman/Superman Movie (1998) (TV) (voice) .... Mercy Graves
... aka Batman/Superman Adventures: World's Finest (USA)
- Frasier Gotta Have It (1998) TV Episode .... Caitlin
"Just Shoot Me!"
- Sewer! (1998) TV Episode .... Erin Simon
"In the Loop" (1998) TV Series
"Almost Perfect" .... Patty Karp
- Gimme Shelter (1997) TV Episode .... Patty Karp
- The Break-Up (1996) TV Episode .... Patty Karp
- It's a Wrap! (1996) TV Episode .... Patty Karp
- The Hunted House (1996) TV Episode .... Patty Karp
- A Midseason Night's Sex Comedy (1996) TV Episode .... Patty Karp
(4 more)
As Good as It Gets (1997) .... Woman at Table
- Earthquake (1997) TV Episode .... Kristen Clark
"Superman" (voice) .... Mercy Graves
... aka Superman: The Animated Series (USA: informal alternative title)
- World's Finest: Part 1 (1997) TV Episode (voice) .... Mercy Graves
- World's Finest: Part 2 (1997) TV Episode (voice) .... Mercy Graves
- World's Finest: Part 3 (1997) TV Episode (voice) .... Mercy Graves
- Ghost in the Machine (1997) TV Episode (voice) .... Mercy Graves
- Brave New Metropolis (1997) TV Episode (voice) .... Mercy Graves
(3 more)
- Ambush (1997) TV Episode .... Documentarian Aggie Orton
Blade Runner (1997) (VG) .... Crystal Steele
"Relativity" (1996) TV Series .... Rhonda Roth
"Ned and Stacey"
- Friends and Lovers (1996) TV Episode .... Janine
- Who's Afraid of Ron and Cindy Wolfe? (1995) TV Episode .... Cindy Wolfe
Love Affair (1994) .... Assistant at Studio
"The Larry Sanders Show"
- The Mr. Sharon Stone Show (1994) TV Episode .... Diane French
- The Masseuse (1993) TV Episode .... Karen
- The Mango (1993) TV Episode .... Karen
- Labor Pains (1993) TV Episode .... Marsha Peebles
"L.A. Law"
- My Friend Flicker (1992) TV Episode
"Mad About You"
- Out of the Past (1992) TV Episode .... Lynne Stoddard
The Doors (1991) .... Makeup Artist

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Lisa Edelstein began her professional acting career while studying theater at N.Y.U.'s Tisch School of the Arts. After performing in a wide range of productions off and on Broadway, authored and performed the AIDS-related musical "Positive Me" at Ellen Stuart's La Mama, in Manhattan. It was one one of the earliest AIDS-related theater productions.

Lisa gained her first television experience as a host of the cable series "Awake on the Wild Side." in the lase several years she has fearlessly taken on a wide variety of roles for television. She played a call-girl girlfriend on "The West Wing," David Conrad's sister on "Relativity," the transsexual boyfriend of James LeGros on "Ally McBeal" and an Orthodox Jewish woman losing custody of her on "Family Law." She also played James Spader's love interest on "The Practice", and has had numerous other TV roles and guest appearances.

Her latest and current role is that of hospital administrator Dr. Lisa Cuddy, in the hit medical drama "House". Watch for her on House Tuesday nights on the FOX network.




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