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Jessie O'Donohue

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Full Name: Jessie O'Donohue

Birth Date: July 11, 1981

Birth Place: Dobbs Ferry, NY

Height: 5' 10"

Occupation: Singer

Measurements: 32B–24–34

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I read some magazine that said to put rose petals on top of the ceiling fan, and right as you’re ready to get intimate, you flip on the fan and petals fall down on you. If a guy did that, I’d be like, "Get the fuck out of here!" or "Wait—something’s falling on me!"

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Proud to be an American: You first met Jessie and Becky when the stunning twins kicked off Maxim Fallacy Baseball in 2004. They went on to scarf down slop on Fear Factor before continuing their reality TV tour this year on American Idol. Jessie's hopes were derailed by throat surgery while Becky was sent home by preteen girls and housewife voters jealous of her musical gifts.

American Idol Twins!

We had the American Idol twins, Jessie and Becky, way before American Idol got a hold of them. Here’s the proof!

Seeing double? For once, it’s not because of your glaucoma. This month, Stuff sexologist Dawn Yanek uncovers everything that’s naughty and nice about twins. What you learn may mean lots more sex for you. So rest up!

DAWN: As twins, you are very much an object of the male imagination. Divulge your fantasies, and let’s see if any of them match our readers’ ideas.
JESSIE: Nothing too romantic or it can seem cheesy. I read some magazine that said to put rose petals on top of the ceiling fan, and right as you’re ready to get intimate, you flip on the fan and petals fall down on you. If a guy did that, I’d be like, "Get the fuck out of here!" or "Wait—something’s falling on me!"

DAWN: Guys probably can’t look at you together without thinking, Threesome! Is three ever your favorite number?
JESSIE: Guys will say, "Oh, we want to see you make out with your sister," And I’ll say, "Do you want to make out with your brother?"

DAWN: If a guy brings up the subject of threesomes, even in a jokey way, does he ruin any chance he might have had with you?
JESSIE: Yes. So will: "Are you guys the same…in every way?"
BECKY: Also, a guy will sometimes come up and talk to me and then want to buy me a drink. If I’m not interested, he’ll turn to my sister and ask if she’s interested.

DAWN: Ever dated the same guy?
BECKY: No. People always ask if we switch on our boyfriends. I’m like, "Um, I don’t want my boyfriend kissing her."
JESSIE: And my sister would know that was my boyfriend—it’s not like they’re twins.

DAWN: Is one of you the naughtier twin?
BECKY: People say Jessie [is naughtier], but I don’t know. We get each other into trouble.

DAWN: Sounds like the perfect balance. What will keep men out of trouble with you?
BECKY: When I came home from a long day at work, my boyfriend told me to lie down, close my eyes and take off my shoes and socks. Then he massaged my feet for, like, an hour. Another guy would open my car door all the time and clean his car before he picked me up. It’s not all about ass. You have to do those things if you’re gonna get it.

DAWN: Speaking of ass, what should a guy do once he sees yours, in order to double the pleasure in bed?
JESSIE: I like a lot of contact—his body moving with mine. He’s doing things to let me know that he’s enjoying himself, and he’s paying attention to me.

DAWN: What should be left out of all sexual experiences?
BECKY: One guy stuck his tongue down my throat and slobbered all over me—I had to stop dating him. I don’t like dirty talk. I can’t say certain words, and I don’t want them to be said to me, even in the heat of the moment. I hate any word for the penis, really, and the v-word.

DAWN: How do you feel about getting lingerie?
BECKY:I’ve never gotten lingerie. Most guys don’t know how to undress a girl, so why am I going to spend a hundred dollars on something when they’re going to rip it off? That’s a big thing: Take your time. It’s going to happen. What’s 10 more minutes?

DAWN: Less than 11 minutes.




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