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Jeanette Biedermann

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Real Name: Jeanette Biedermann

Date of Birth: February 22, 1981

Place of Birth: Berlin, Germany

Best Known From: Actresss on TV ("Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten") and singer (Albums: "Enjoy", "How It's Got to Be / No Style", "Delicious")

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Filmography at IMDB

Liebe ohne Rückfahrschein (2004) (TV) .... Julia Behrendt
Hai-Alarm auf Mallorca (2004) (TV) .... Jeanette Biedermann
"StarSearch" (2003) TV Series .... Jury Member (2003-)
Echo 2003 - Deutscher Musikpreis (2003) (TV)
Kleine Eisbär, Der (2001) (voice) .... Greta
... aka The Little Polar Bear (USA)
"Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten" (1992) TV Series .... Marie Balzer (1999-2004)
... aka GZSZ (Germany: short title)


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Jeanette in Berlin the light of the world saw. Later the career of the at that time already very talented Jeanette began already 6 years. In the citizen of Berlin child circus "Lilliput" it already practiced in this recent age in dance and Akrobatik. The spectators were enthusiastically of it and them loved it to be located in the footlights. When it became older, it turned away from the Akrobatik and dedicated themselves ever more to the music: "Meine first time on the stage as a dancer was beautiful, but very much exerting. I had to practice nearly each free minute. With 10 years I began, additionally too singen." Thus it participated in each attainable Karaoke meeting. Their interpretations of Songs of its Idole at that time Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, provided not rarely for a first place. Their parents support it always much in their enterprises. Straight its nut/mother Marion could understand the large dream of a singing career of their daughter, since she dreamed also once about it. Also her father Bernd was very understanding and engaged. In order to support and accompany her to various meetings Jeanette, it took itself often specially freely. After its material graduation Jeanette began however only once a Frisoerlehre with star hairdresser Udo rolls in Berlin. Udo roll told the fact that Jeanette sang always also in its Frisoersalon before itself and so that inspired the customers.

1998 organized the picture newspaper the probably largest talent competition of all times, the picture hit competition. On urge of its friends Jeanette with the Marianne took rose mountain hit more "Er belonged too mir" at the Vorabcasting part and it created into the talent competition. There it began against 270.000 applicants. In the jury technical Prominenz sat such as Polydor Boss Joerg light TIG, Juergen Drews, Dieter Thomas's tail and Vicky Leandros. With spielerischer ease it sang into the hearts of the spectators in and reserved themselves the first seat! "Jeanette has a fantastic voice and Ausstrahlung", commentated Plattenboss light TIG and offered to her a disk contract immediately. The picture newspaper wrote inspires "Sie is a genuine Schnuckelchen". Jeanette could not believe that everything at all: "Es is everything as " in the fairy tale...;, it radiated. It had created it - the disk contract was the break-through for their music career. Their victory had among other things as a consequence that it participated at the beginning of of 1999 in the Grand Prix interlocutory decision and does with the ear worm "Das terribly weh" mad 4. Place occupied. Short time got later Jeanette the role of the Marie Balzer in the RTL success and Kultsoap "Gute times, bad Zeiten" offered. To 09.06.1999 the first consequence with Jeanette was radiated with GZSZ.

As the youngest Darstellerin it became within only a yearly the most popular Darstellerin. Already soon one could not exclude oneself Jeanette no more from the series. Although Jeanette with the playthingplaything plaything was very clamped, she took on from the outset a double load. In the year 2000 it brought its first single "Go to Back" (VOe: 25.9.2000) out, which it at place 8 the German Singlecharts created immediately. Their first album followed "Enjoy" (VOe: 13.11.2000), of which equal to the success of the single to tie could. Jeanette rose to the success leaders ever further upward and had fast by its natural kind completely many trailers, which zujubelten it with some appearances. It did not surprise that it was nominated soon for some honors.

The first price, which it got, was i.e. a spectator price, the "Silberne petrol 2000" the youth magazine BRAVO. Thus she got the confirmation that her into the hearts of many dte-sneeze yourself sang. Their largest honor received it in the year 2001. Because beginning yearly this, became Jeanette the "deutschen artist of the Jahres" with "ECHO" distinguished, the probably most in demand music price, beside the Grammy. Jeanette had never counted on it, too gotten this desired price and could give their thank speech only under tears. Encouraged by this price, it still brought 2 in the same year their. Album "Delicious" (VOe: 12.11.2001) out. Equal the first single "How It's Got ton of Be" (VOe: 21.10.2001) conquered again the Top 10 the Charts, likewise the second single, "No More Tears" (VOe: 25.2.2002) short time went to Jeanette later then on its first route. It took itself even specially vacation of GZSZ, in order to dedicate itself fully and completely its Delicious route 2002. For Jeany it was somewhat completely special: It completely alone stood for evening for evening on the stage and the fans came only around it to see. Their concerts were completely sell off and because there were nevertheless still so many fans, which they wanted to experience once live, the route was extended. Punctually to the summer beginning the last single of the Delicious album was then uncoupled. It was good mood a Song with the title "Sunny Day" (VOe: 24.6.2002). Also 2002 were nominated Jeanette again some marks for large prices, among other things to 2. Times as "Kuenstlerin" national" for the ECHO and for the VIVA Cometen in the category "Comet Live Award".

Many prices it could take then also with home, as for example to the "Goldenen Fritz" for the most popular child star with premiere, "Eins the Live Krone" in the category "Best Female act Germany", "Top the OF The Pops - Award" as German Act" "Best; as well as "Sonderpreis the SR1 Europawelle". But 2002 were thereby still for a long time not past. A further high point for Jeanette followed - a Duett with Ronan Keating. At night in bar Ronan came to Jeanette and asked whether she would not like to make that and it assured spontaneously immediately. So Jeanette had soon equivalent 2 hits in the Top 10, i.e. their own Song "Rock My Life" (VOe: 14.10.2002), to the new, album of the same name appeared punctual, and the Duett of the "We've Got Tonight" (VOe: 11.11.2002). The meant in addition, that it still more appearances had. Thus it terminated the year with many left VE appearances and TV appearances and even with some route dates of Ronan participated Jeanette also. BRAVO PETROL 2001 ECHO 2001 The year 2003 began for Jeanette with completely much skirt! Their album received rather fast gold status and it transformed ever more from the girl to a small skirt lady. Thus it became the star of the "Deutschen route cars of this year Meisterschaft". Their third Song "Rock of the My Life" Album, i.e. Now" "Right; (VOe: 16.6.2003) was even the DTM Song 2003. At the beginning of the yearly it was national" again in addition as a "Beste artist; for "ECHO" and "Cometen" nominated. It won then the "Goldenen Otto" a little later; the magazine BRAVO for the "beste Saengerin" national and additionally the "Silbernen Otto" as "beste TV Darstellerin".

A further highlight of this yearly was the video trick of the second single "It's Over Now". But it flew Hollywood specially to America and turned a video tie-clip à la. No costs and troubles were shrunk from, for Jeanette went a dream into fulfilment. It was allowed to shift on the giant steamer Queen Mary 2 for one day into the 30's back. Short after the video was in the box, it went again on route. Also this mark brought during their "Rock My Life route 2003" to Jeanette; resounding to the quake. It was a larger route and one noticed that Jeanette was many more experienced in the comparison to the previous year. The fans were inspired to be able to experience it live and with very much power. GZSZ had to say good-bye again to its spectator favourite. This mark took it a half year freely, because after their route it went for Jeanette immediately far with the first relay "Star Search", where it sat as Jurorin in the jury and tightened the public magically. It was for the energy bundle in addition, very much exerting this time, because often flew it from an appearance to the next and it came repeatedly forwards that it specially with the helicopter approached came, in order to be still in time there. But it made very much fun and the transmission for it "Star Search" a completely new experience was for it. Jeanette was announced like never before and wins further prices, like "Mc the mega music Award" as an artist of the yearly and exactly as in the year before, "Eins the Live Krone" for the best artist national. It seemed thus, as if this year for Jeanette would be constant only one sunshine.

But then, in August, the large shock followed: Jeanette was threatened substantial. Alleged sparkling wines threatened in letters and enamels to kill Jeanette. The fans were except itself and also Jeanette marked also one that them were at a mad pressure. To 22.08.03 that should COUNT down run off. Jeanette with an appearance in Austria on the stage to be shot. All, which knew of it, were natural in concern. But Jeanette wanted nevertheless on the stage. Courageously it mastered its appearance and came then with the words "Ich lives noch" radiating of the stage. To 04.09.03 Jeanette showed up then from their karikativen side as an ambassador of the German red cross. On this day it erspielte with a Quizshow the sum of 15.000 euro, which it doubled from its own bag and which total amount of 30.000 euro then to the project more "Strassenkinder in Lima" donated. Thus it gave the star shot for this project and hopes the children in Peru to support to be able. She got GOLD GOLD" a little later in the transmission "GOLD; the golden plate for the album "Rock My Life" lent, which then at the same time of the new album "Break on Through" one replaced. The first single uncoupling "Rockin' On Heaven's Floor" supplied immediately again a brilliant start to the German single Charts. Altogether this album was still more rockiger than the latter. Although the first single from the album was still current, it published a further Song additionally only for the radio, i.e. "Tellin' You Goodbye", which reflected the calmer page Jeanettes. After it then still another completely special bitebite bites followed briefly; a ACCOUSTIC & UNPLUGGED CONCERT in potsdam.

Here it proved a their being able so correctly with new interpretations of its past Songs and placed at the same time their new album "Break to on Through" forwards. Jeanette transformed ever more to a correct skirt tube, which sprayed still more power on the stage. It had hardly made the jump from the girl to the woman, became the man world still more attentively on it. Thus it became at the end of the yearly 2003 "Woman OF the The Year" the man magazine "MAXIM" selected after a short appearance-free time at the end, equivalent very successfully went it yearly in the year 2004. Jeanette became of the Zeitschrift"Die Bunte" to "Glamourfrau the 2003" selected. In January the management communicated in addition, that itself Jeanette now finally of "Gute times, bad Zeiten" will discharge, since it wants to concentrate now fully and completely on its music. The shock with the fans sat deeply, but after it admits was given that Jeanette can accept now finally the film offers, which were made it, calmed down the mind. On it Jeanette briefly got a further very desired price lent, the "Goldene Kamera" in the category "Pop national". Jeanette radiated over both cheeks, when she got him presented. Again it was confirmed in its success. And it continued. Also this year was nominated Jeanette for 2 golden BRAVO of Otto. It could take both with the Bravo Supershow with shining eyes in receipt. Further admits given that Jeanette also this year will sit again in the jury of star search. On 8 March the next single appeared "No Eternity" while Jeanette again on route is - "Break the on Through route 2004" with larger resounding and still more fan.




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German singer and actress Jeanette Biedermann wearing a white top and dancing causing her breasts to bounce up and down in slow motion and her right nipple to pop out briefly.

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