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Alexis Dziena

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Birth name
Alexis Gabbriel Dziena

Wonder Girl

5' 2" (1.57 m)


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Broken Flowers 2005

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Alexis grew up in New York, and went to high school along side Bringing Rain (2003) costar, Paz de la Huerta. In addition to being an actress, she is a budding playwright. When she's not writing or on set, she can usually be found downtown, with her brother and boyfriend, dancing late into the night.



As Sharon Stone's teenage daughter Lolita in Broken Flowers, Alexis Dziena (pronounced da-ZEE-na) easily upstaged Bill Murray, and stunned audiences, by parading around nonchalantly, completely naked. The 21-year-old native New Yorker named for Alexander the Great co-stars as an aspiring TV reporter on ABC's supernatural drama Invasion.

Alexis got her first acting job three years ago on an episode of TNT's Witchblade, and has been working steadily ever since. She first came to prominence with a starring role in the 2004 Lifetime movie She's Too Young about sexually active and reckless teens, then had a cameo opposite her then-real-life boyfriend Michael Pitt in Wonderland. Later this year she tortures Amy Sedaris as a mean girl in the Strangers With Candy movie.

The petite, baby-faced actress with the doe eyes and cupid's-bow lips is a heart-stopper (in or out of clothes). Equally driven at making music and writing plays, she's a bona fide renaissance girl.

Playboy.com: Was it scary being so exposed for such a prolonged nude scene in Broken Flowers?

Alexis Dziena: It was a lot scarier in concept than it was in actuality. It was kind of fun.

Playboy.com: How did you prepare for that unforgettable nude scene? Any special diet?

Dziena: How do you really prepare for that kind of thing? You just go out there and, after the first take you realize it's not that bad. I wasn't all that nervous because it wasn't the first day on set when I had to be naked. I knew everyone and it was such a playful atmosphere. It felt more like make-believe than this big, scary moment. As far as eating, we were eating Mexican food every day. Bill would take the crew out to this little Mexican restaurant, so it was pretty much a diet of guacamole and chips.

Playboy.com: What is it like doing comedy with Bill Murray?

Dziena: It was probably the first time I'd ever done comedy like that. I had just finished filming Strangers with Candy, but that was more slapstick. Gene Wilder wrote this book where he said that if what you're doing is funny, you don't need to act funny; it's a lot funnier to just be real. That was the mentality I had. Everything was very organic to how it would really feel in those circumstances. There was no punch line in my head. Bill Murray seemed to be that way as well.

Playboy.com: Have you ever dated an older guy in real life?

Dziena: Not with such a big age difference. But the scene with Bill Murray wasn't so much about seduction. I think it was more about experimentation on a level that wasn't so sexual. Lolita was learning to use tools that she had just developed.

Playboy.com: How has a Manhattanite adapted to filming Invasion, amidst the heat and the alligators, in the Everglades?

Dziena: We actually shoot in L.A. so I've never been to the Everglades. It's all done on a stage.

Playboy.com: Is there romance brewing between your character and Jesse (Evan Peters) in Invasion?

Dziena: There's something in your head when you're living with a boy for the first time and you're not related by blood. I wouldn’t' say that there's a romance budding. But you never know....

Playboy.com: What kind of guys do you like in real life?

Dziena: I wouldn't say I have a type, but honesty and chemistry matter to me in terms of someone romantic. When you meet someone and automatically things click and they feel right. There's no pretension. Plus, there's got to be a physical attraction.

Playboy.com: Your older brother Alex is in a rock band. Do you ever join him on stage?

Dziena: I've played the piano since I was three. I studied cello and I'm learning drums. I dabble with guitar, but I'm not very good at it. I'd be way too scared to play with his band. He and I make music sometimes. He writes a lot of electronic music and I sing a little. I wouldn't call my singing good, but I like to sing.

Playboy.com: What's the worst job you ever had?

Dziena: I didn't have a whole lot of jobs, but I did hand out pretzels on the boardwalk in New Jersey when I was younger. My brothers' friends, who were older and cute, would come and make fun of me for my apron and hat, eat all my pretzel samples and run away. Then I would have to go back in, and my boss thought I was eating everything. It lasted just two days before I gave that up.

Playboy.com: What's it like growing up in New York City?

Dziena: It's fantastic. There's so much at your fingertips at such a young age. You learn how to make choices about what you like and don't like, and you get to have a really concrete understanding of who you are very young.

Playboy.com: Could that kind of access work against a kid?

Dziena: It keeps you out of trouble. There's a lot at your fingertips, but unlike L.A., there's a real deep sense of community in New York because it's very pedestrian and things are very close together in New York.

Playboy.com: How are you adapting to life in L.A.?

Dziena: I don't know if I have. I still haven't gotten a driver's license. That's been kind of an issue. I haven't adapted to anything outside of a five-mile radius of my apartment, because I do everything on foot.

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Alexis Dziena Nude:
Broken Flowers 2005
She goes into another room to answer the phone. She returns a moment later, FULL FRONTAL nude. She has nice hanging B cups and a hairy (but not too hairy) bush. She picks up a second phone and walks out of the room displaying a small but nice and firm butt. The scene is relatively well lit, so none of the goodies are obscured.

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